Learn All About Sustainable Jewelry

Sustainable Jewelry For Nature Conservation

More and more people are choosing to buy sustainable jewelry. You can find everything you need to know about this type of jewelry at sustainable jewelry.

The pollution of the planet, the exploitation of labor in underdeveloped environments, has caused many to start thinking about how it can be fixed.

Jewelry made from gold and silver requires a lot of work to get to these metals. The local population is used for this work, which is generally paid very poorly or even not at all. Individuals who are getting richer every day earn money from their work.

Sustainable Jewelry

In addition to the fact that people suffer as a result of the mining of these metals, nature also suffers by producing entire emissions of harmful gases that pollute our planet. Also, when making jewelry in large companies, workers inhale all the harmful fumes, because the production is serial and it is necessary to make a large number of pieces of various jewelry. All this affects the poor health of people, who are mostly paid very little.

That’s why more and more conscientious people are switching to buying sustainable jewelry. This jewelry is made from recycled gold and silver. The process of producing sustainable Nakita is carried out in small craft workshops and is mostly a family affair. Since everything is done by hand, each piece of jewelry is unique. Each piece of jewelry is made with great love. In those workshops, jewelry is made from certified recycled silver. That silver is recycled from scrap metal, from old computer parts AND from old and broken jewelry. Every piece of Nakita that fails to make them is recycled again, so when making Nakita in this way, there is not even a bit of waste.

If you want to know much more about the production of sustainable Nakita, one click on sustainable jewelry is enough. Here you will find all the necessary information.