Validate Email Addresses in Real Time

Analyze Email Risks

In order for your email marketing campaign to be successful, you need to use the email scrubbing API.

The email validation API can confirm to you with 100% accuracy whether an address is valid or not. It very easily detects if there are invalid mailboxes, if there are disposable addresses, if the addresses are valid, and it also detects all possible spam traps. With this API you can check all emails in real time and the unsafe and invalid ones can be cleaned immediately.

Major brands and many senders routinely clean their email lists using this API. This way they can ensure that their mail is sent to valid addresses.

Email risk analysis is based on creation date. Email age is checked against when the address was first discovered. This analysis also removes any unwanted email addresses.

Email Scrubbing API

You can automatically prevent fraudulent users from disrupting your marketing campaign. By detecting duplicate user accounts, fake registrations and fake user information, you can save your reputation.

There is more and more fraud in e-commerce, so with this API you will be able to prevent high-risk transactions and all other types of fraud that can be committed in e-commerce payments.

To allow your promotional email to reach your customers’ inboxes, you need to clear your list of all invalid and inactive email addresses. You will enable this if you detect spam traps in time.

To do well and make your marketing campaign the success you wanted, use the email scrubbing API and get rid of all the unwanted email addresses.